Our Mission

  1.RSTEC (from here on, We) delivers products and services with safe and excellent
       quality to gain customer satisfaction and trust, and to contribute to the
       sustainable future of our society.

  2.We will provide the public and our stakeholders with timely and appropriate
       disclosure as a responsible corporate citizen.

  3.We will comply with both domestic and international laws and regulations to
       implement risk management and to maintain business continuity.

  4.We select our suppliers solely based on fair evaluation and judgement to establish
       partnership and joint prosperity.

  5.We will value environment by making efficient use of all resources and energy,
       and by controlling industrial emission and waste.

  6.We will provide and maintain safe and healthy workplace for everyone who works
       at RSTEC.

  7.We honor human rights and individual personality.

  8.We respect different culture and history.

  9.We will work together and closely with local government and communities to
       enhance their health and />
10.From year 2019, we will set forth CSR management structure in place. The CSR
       management covers Assessment of our state of CSR compliance, Governance
       and Risk management which includes BCP (Business Continuity Plan.)