Message from the President
    President Yong Yi Fang

    RS Tec (RS Technologies) is a top provider of wafer reclaim services for semiconductor industry. Today the silicon wafer reclaim is employed practically by all semiconductor device manufactures, and its usage is rising. In such a promising market segment, RS Tec is the leading company in terms of quality, reliability and cost by leveraging the technologies and know-hows that we have accumulated and refined over two decades since its start in 1984.

    RS Tec aims to become a stronger and more cost effective silicon wafer reclaim service provider by further improving the technologies and operational efficiencies that make up the very foundation of our business. We carried out drastic cost-saving measures throughout our entire business operations, from manufacturing to administrations, while making continuous efforts and investment to improve the quality of our products and services. We are committed to provide our service globally with win-win situation. In three short years, RS Tec became a profitable company with which customers and employees to share the benefit.

    Re-cycle and re-use are the basics of our business. We are committed to total environmental management and to the social responsibilities as a responsible corporate citizen. As a measure, we installed a mega solar at our facility in Sanbongi, Miyagi, while protecting the natural beauty and environment for the future generations.

    The semiconductor industry, that RS Tec participates, will continue to grow for many more decades to come. The silicon wafer will also stay as the core base-material. The world will continue to focus on full resource utilization and re-use. In Japan, where labor cost is considered high, we offset the cost by pushing our cost conscious process technology to its limit. RS Tec is resolved to stay ambitious and continue to grow. We are committed to our current and future customers.