Our Mission

RS Technologies Co., Ltd. has made its start in January 2011, acquiring the silicon wafer reclaiming business that Rasa Industries Ltd. had offered the semiconductor device makers over the world for the last 25 years.

The use of semiconductor devices has spread rapidly from computers, mobile phones, game machines, digital electronic devices, to cars.Also the demand for those devices has been expanding especially throughout the rising nations.We foresee that the economic development in those rising countries with large population will continue although it might slow down.It is expected that along with the increasing demand for the semiconductor devices, the demand for the silicon wafers will expand as basis of those devices.

We, RS Technologies, as a reclaiming specialized maker for wafer products and test wafers for semiconductor device makers, we retain devices and technologies for high accumulation of semiconductor devices, and we make stable supply to meet the expanding demand.

  • 1. We create a corporation full of vitality.

    We create the corporate culture that each employment can demonstrate it’s ability and each employer can make timely decisions.

  • 2. We take values of people and strive to coexist with society.

    We make healthy business with customers, business partners, employers, and stock owners, and contribute to the better environment for society.

  • 3. We make a contribution to world economic development.

    We contribute to the affluent world economic development by offering technical innovation ascertaining the world’s stream in technologies.