We handle personal information under “the personal information should be handled carefully under an idea of personal character respect”, which is the basic idea of “the law about the protection of personal information”, and recognize the reasonable protection of personal information (Hereafter, it is said, “personal information”) as corporate social responsibility. To fulfill this duty, our company takes care of personal information under the following policy.

  • 1. When personal information is handled, we observe applicable laws and regulations.

    When our company handles personal information; We observe “Law concerning the protection of personal information” and other applicable laws and regulations and in-house rules, and we appropriately take care of the handling personal information with generally accepted habitual practice. Moreover, we take actions properly to improve approaches of handling according to the change in the law and the social environmental change.
  • 2. We acquire the personal information only for a limited purpose and use.

    When personal information is acquired, we specify a use purpose or announce it, and handle the personal information according to the purpose of use.
  • 3. We carry out thorough security management of the personal information.

    To prevent the loss, damage, unjust outflow to the outside of a company building, and falsification of personal information, we maintain the company regulations and the appropriate measures for safety management.
    Our company carries out continuous education to the officers and employees to ensure the safe management of personal information; moreover, we perform appropriate supervision by selecting a proper controller of audit that audits inspection about the in-house approach to the personal information protection.